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Stickers I stay In California - Norcal Edition
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You want to take your chance at winning a 5,000$ trip in California? It’s easy! You just need to order your campaign support kit and share your best picture showing your stickers or the postcards.

How to enter the #IStayInCalifornia photo contest

  1. Post a picture on Instagram or Facebook showing your #IStayInCalifornia sticker or your postcard. The sticker can be applied on your Water bottle, your laptop, your car, your phone, your bike, your surf, your outdoor gear or any other item that you own (Please do not stick it on public or private property)
  2. Add the hashtag #IStayInCalifornia in the caption and identify @istayincalifornia on the sticker/postcard (this is important so we get notified) .
  3. Repeat! The more different pictures you post, the more chance you have to win. Be creative and try new things every time!

Our Jury will decide the winner 12 month after the official reopening of Yosemite National park. The criteria used for judging are: 25% Usage of Brand to Reinforce Theme, 25% Adherence/Appropriateness to Theme, 25% creativity, 25% picture quality. The winner will be announced and contacted on Social Media.

We will post more information about the contest and the rules on this page when we send the first Campaign Kit, end of May. Stay tuned!

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